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Antique Zebra Acid Washed Premium Brazilian Cowhide, XL CH25DVD R


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5'X7' to 8'X8' Size Range. The Antique Zebra Acid Washed hide exhibits black to deep dark brown tones while exposing stylish off white to grey luxurious pure analine leather. This culmination of color and texture along with a vintage antiqued feel says trend setter like no other!  Our hides are hand selected from the finest raw materials available. Soft, supple, & luxurious yet durable and naturally stain resistant. It takes 400lbs of pressure per square inch to puncture our 1.6 to 2mm thick hides! The hollow fiber hairs do not absorb stains like inferior materials. Only our premium Brazilian hides preserve more fat liquors in the tanning process resulting in a softer, more beautiful hide that outlasts others providing you many years of luxury. Our tannery processes all liquid effluents generated in its production process and all water is 100% reused. Also, all leather waste is used to produce organic fertilizers. *Please note that this is a representative picture of the hide that you will receive. Like a snow flake, no two real hides are alike. The shape, size, and color may vary slightly.

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