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Only the finest!

Tannery & Co. has the advantage of over 4 generations in the leather business allowing us to offer the finest, most desirable cowhides that money can buy. Only our hides are full grain leather, 1.6 to 2mm thick possessing superior breath-ability, long service life, durability, and true luxury.  It takes 400 lbs of pressure per square inch to puncture our leathers.  Our hides are never split hides, we only use full grain leather including leather's multi directional fibers creating natures unsurpassed rip stop material.  Our superior quality hides utilize natural suede backing to prevent slips and accidents.  Each of our hides are naturally flame retardant.  Unlike most hides our tanning process preserves more fat liquors producing softer, more suppleness, superior sheen, longer lasting, over-all superior hides.  Our process ensures the hair doesn't fall out or stiff edges crack and roll up causing tripping hazards.  No detail is left behind, even the smell of our hides are of genuine luxurious leather.  Less than 20% of all hides are good enough to pass our individual hand inspection process and become a Tannery & Co. luxury hide.  So, if your looking for the best...look no further!